Cowardly assault on a policeman

Hertfordshire Mercury, 17th November 1900


At Hertford Borough Sessions on Thursday Charles Mole, of Braughing, was charged with assaulting P.c. Burrows on 10 November 1900.  The defendant pleaded not guilty to the assault, but said he was drunk.  P.c. Burrows stated that  at 11:45pm on Saturday, November 10th, he saw Charles Mole of Braughing sitting on the pavement at Old Cross Hertford.  With assistance, the constable managed to get him up and send him on his way to Braughing, then followed him along Port Hill.  When he caught up with him Mole turned around and stabbed him several times with a small table knife, eventually stabbing him on the left breast.  Whilst the knife managed to penetrate three layers of coat it did not result in an injury.  P.C. Burrows drew out his truncheon and managed to knock the knife out of Mole’s hand.

Mole pleaded not guilty but he did admit he was drunk.  When the Magistrates’ clerk pointed out he was not being charged with drunkenness he said “well, I was drunk!”

In his defence Mole said he had had a hard day’s walk, little to eat and a lot of beer.  He said the policemen had struck him and when he struck back the knife fell out of his pocket.  However William Ambrose of Port Hill Terrace said he saw Mole stab the constable and the constable striking the knife out of Mole’s hand.

The Mayor said Mole had 22 previous convictions, 10 of which were for assault including two against the police.  Mole was convicted and sent to prison for 2 months with hard labour.

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