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Ian Curley

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13th July 1901

Herts Advertiser
STILL AT LARGE. It was on May 2Sth that George Matthews, labourer, of Hatfield, was sentenced to three months’ imprisonment with hard labour for assaulting a police constable whilst in the execution of his duty at Lemsford.
As he was being removed from the Court to the cells in the charge of a constable, he suddenly took the officer by surprise, and much to the policeman’s chagrin, made a bid for freedom. It was admittedly a smart and unexpected move, and the prisoner succeeded in getting clear away. The incident has been almost forgotten by the public, but not so with the Hertfordshire Constabulary, who are still keeping eager watch for him. It is stated that he has, since his escape, paid several visits to Hatfield, but it is hardly likely.

Friday 11th July 1958

From the classified advertisements of the Daily Herald.
Men: 19-29. 5’ 9” tall. £9. 7s. 10d. to £12. 3s. p.w. plus allowances; rent free houses for married men. Women: 20- 34. 5′ 4” tall, unmarried: £8. 8s to £11. 8s., plus allowances. Opportunities to all for promotion and specialisation, CID, Etc. Return fare paid U K residents called for Interview. Write Chief Constable. Hatfield Herts.

Saturday 14 July 1906

From the situations vacant advertisements of the Herts Advertiser
Situations Vacant. Advertisements in this column, 20 words 1s.; 3 insertions, 2s

WANTED, for Hertfordshire Constabulary, Married Couple, without children, as CARETAKER and COOK, at the King Street Police Station, Watford. Apply by letter only to Chief Constable of Herts, Hatfield.

WANTED, at once, respectable GIRL, about 18, as useful help; no washing. Apply Mrs Reynolds, Police Station, Hatfield.

Friday 11th July 1902

Bicester Herald
NORTHAMPTONSHIRE. BURGLARY AT KINGSTHORPE. John Wilson (56), labourer, pleaded guilty at Northampton Borough Quarter Sessions to an indictment charging him with feloniously and burglariously breaking and entering the dwelling house of Councillor Fred Perkins, with intent to feloniously steal his goods and chattels, on the 29th of June. Mr. V. A. Attenborough prosecuted. Sergeant Clarke, of the Hertfordshire Constabulary, deposed that at the Hertfordshire Assizes; in November, 1899, the prisoner was convicted and sentenced to three years’ penal servitude. Mr. Attenborough said that prisoner was liberated on licence in February of this year. The Recorder said that prisoner was a dangerous character. He would complete the 273 days unexpired on his sentence of three years and would serve an additional twelve mouths’ imprisonment with hard labour.

Friday 14 July 1939

Hertford Mercury and Reformer
HATFIELD POLICE SERGEANT RETIRING. After 25 years’ service with the Hertfordshire Constabulary, Police Sergeant John Rogers, of Hatfield, is to retire on July 21. At Hatfield Police Court on Monday, the Chairman, Councillor E. T. Tingey, said that he understood that this was the last occasion on which Sergt. Rogers would be present, and he wished to pay a tribute to his efficiency as a police officer. The Bench wished him every success, health, and happiness in his retirement. Sergt. Rogers joined the force in 1914. He served throughout the war on H.M.S. Botha and has many interesting stories to tell of the work of the Dover Patrol, of which the Botha formed part.

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