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Indictment of Frederick Terry, charged with unlawfully uttering a counterfeit sovereign at the Plough Inn at Tring. Found guilty and sentenced to nine months’ imprisonment with hard labour.


In the early hours of 27 December 1985 following a private party at a house in Bedmond, a girl was attacked by youth, who held a knife to her throat. The police, including a dog handler, attended. Police dog Harvey tracked away from the scene following the offender across fields. When adjacent to some bushes, the dog handler was attacked and stabbed in the chest with a knife puncturing a lung. An accompanying police officer was also assaulted in the struggle to detain the offender who was later charged with attempted murder and other offences. In 1986 the dog handler was awarded a high commendation for his courage and determination despite serious stab wounds for his part in arresting a very dangerous man.


Herts Women’s Police Department disbanded on the Implementation of the Sex Discrimination Act which came into force this day. The strength of policewomen was therefore absorbed into the Force’s overall strength. Women officers were required to perform the same duties as male officers and received the same pay. Previously Policewomen of the Women’s Police Department generally only dealt with women and children, only worked limited hours and received a lower pay than men.


Head Constable Blatch of St. Albans City Police, did not have a particularly happy career at St. Albans and indeed on 30th December 1897 the Watch Committee sat to hear a recent complaint from a local Reverend who stated he had seen Mr Blatch drunk in a public street on Christmas Day. Mr Blatch admitted being drunk. He was fined £10 and severely reprimanded by the Committee. Sadly for Mr. Blatch, in 1901 a letter from the Coroner of St. Albans to the Watch Committee complaining that Mr Blatch had been drunk at an inquest held early in July of that year. Mr Blatch again admitted the allegation and immediately resigned his post on 27th July.


Indictment of Henry Walker, of Chipping Barnet, a professional pedestrian, charged with falsely pretending to be a gentleman amateur runner of the name of Frederick Warren, competing under that name at an amateur foot-race at New Barnet, winning the race, and thereby fraudulently obtaining the prize. Found guilty and sentenced to pay a fine of £5, and to be imprisoned till he paid the same.

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