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20th March 1886

Herts. Advertiser


Captain Terry, of St. Albans, Deputy-Chief Constable of Hertfordshire, was on the 11th instant elected Chief Constable of the County of Northumberland. From the report, which we have since seen, of the proceedings at the Quarter Sessions where the appointment was made, it appears that the number of applicants for the office was 62.
Ultimately four gentlemen were selected to attend before the committee—namely, Major Granger, of York; Major Kilgonr, of Alnwick: Major Wortham, of Staffordshire; and Captain Terry, Herts. Of these the first named was unable to be present, in consequence of indisposition. The others had interviews with the committee, and at the subsequent sessions, presided over by Sir Matthew White Ridley Bart, Mr.SAskew, one of the magistrates, stated that the committee were somewhat divided in opinion to the claims of the gentlemen mentioned. A majority of the committee thought that they could not pass over the claims of Captain Terry, who had been for nearly four years one of the Superintendents of the Hertfordshire Police, and for the last year had been the Deputy-Chief Constable of that County. He believed it was conceded on all hands that the Hertfordshire Police were a very efficient Force, and thought there was every reason to suppose that if the Court appointed Captain Terry they would find in him a very valuable county officer. He might say he intended himself to vote for Captain Terry; all the candidates were personally unknown to him, but from the interview they had had with them that morning felt that the claims of Captain Terry could not be passed over. The Chairman called for vote only upon the three candidates attending the meeting, writing the name slip of paper and the candidate having a clear majority would be elected,
The vote was for Captain Terry, Captain Terry was asked to attend, and the Chairman than announced to him his appointment. The Chief-Constable elect thanked the Court. He afterwards met the Police Committee and arranged for taking office. Captain Terry had many excellent testimonials. Lieut.-Colonial Daniel, Chief Constable of Herts, in a letter, said, Captain Herbert Terry Joined this force as a Superintendent the 1st January, 1882. The appointment was one altogether below his merits and social position; He had taken it with the laudable desire of employing himself, and of qualifying for the post of Chief Constable. He has thrown himself heartily into the work and has performed all the duties as Superintendent of the Watford Division of the county constabulary and inspector of weights and measures with the utmost zeal.

Extracts from GENERAL ORDER – 12/1999 24 March 1999

The Chief Constable is pleased to be able to convey the following message of support received from the Right Reverend Christopher Herbert, Bishop of St. Albans, following publication of the Macpherson Enquiry into the death of Stephen Lawrence:
“Whilst in no way condoning racism, which I know is also your position, I do wish that the media would attempt to balance the current picture by showing how grateful so many of us are for the courage, patience and steady professionalism of the vast majority of the police when called upon to keep the peace and to promote community well-being. Please be assured of my prayers for you and all your colleagues in the Constabulary.”


A Constable from North Herts Division
For his keen observation, prompt action and courage in forcing an entry into a house that had caught fire and rousing the sleeping family, thus avoiding their certain injury or death.


A Special Constable from Watford Three Rivers Division
For courage, persistence and attention to duty at Watford on 25 February 1999. The officer applied mouth to mouth resuscitation to a male who had collapsed in the street, and was bleeding from face and mouth, despite hindrance from a crowd. Sadly the man died in spite of these efforts.


Have you ever considered modelling? We need ‘real’ people to work as models for a forthcoming county wide domestic violence campaign. The work could involve stills and film work sometime this year. Ideally we are looking for women aged between 20 and 40 years old, and a child of either sex aged between 5 and 10 years old. Further information is available from, Police Liaison Officer, County Hall, Hertford.
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