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Policeman and Stocks Aldbury, Tring - circa 1900

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Lieutenant Colonel Henry Smith Daniell formerly Chief Constable of the County of Hertford, died on 15 December 1918 and was afforded a full police funeral. The service taking place at St Andrew’s Church Hertford on the body was conveyed to the cemetery in Hatfield for final internment.

13/12/1980 Times Newspaper. 6 Police Cars in M1 Chase

When the Police tried to stop Richard Perry from driving the wrong way on a one way street in Watford, Hertfordshire, a high-speed chase started it was stated at St Albans Crown Court yesterday. He was followed by six police cars on a journey up the M1 and through three town centers, at speeds of up to 80 mph. During the chase he was said to have crashed into a police range Rover, causing £380 of damage. Overtaking vehicles on the inside, jumped 3 sets of red traffic lights and driven through a single line Tunnel, against the lights. Mr Perry, aged 33 of Nottingham Close, Garston pleaded guilty to reckless driving and criminal damage. He was jailed for one year and disqualified from driving for three years.

15/12/1926 Mental defectives.

The Hertfordshire county council is desirous of making a complete ascertainment of mental defectives in the county, and for this purpose request the assistance of the police in reporting cases which may come to their notice. Names and addresses of any person who are apparently mentally defective or simpleminded, on leaving prison, or who appear in court, or who may, under other circumstances, come under the notice of police, shall be reported to this office with such particulars of approximate age, sex and family history as can be ascertained. (General order 170 of 1926)

16/12/1981 Times 16/12/1981 JP lied to save son.

William Newton, a magistrate, lied at an appeal hearing to help in clearing his son of a motoring offence. His son, Richard, had been fined £30 for crossing a double white line. Newton, aged 56, said he had seen the motoring incident at Baldock, Herts and that the police were wrong. But the police discovered that Newton had been sitting in court as a magistrate at Stevenage several miles away at the time. Yesterday St Albans Crown Court gave William Newton a two-year goal sentence suspended for two years and Richard aged 18, a six month sentence suspended for two years for attempting to pervert the course of justice.

Saturday 14 December 1861 Hertford.

ASSAULT THROUGH JEALOUSY. A labourer named William Munns was summoned before the borough magistrates last week for assaulting Henry Redman. The Complainant went into the Crown and Thistle public house, and seeing a girl there with Munns he wished her to dance with him; which offended Munns that he struck the complainant a blow in the face. The defendant was fined 5s. and costs.

STEALING A HORSE AND CART. John Goddard, middle-aged man, was charged at the Bow Street police court, with stealing a horse and cart, the property of James Chenies, carrier, in Hertfordshire. Prosecutor, on Thursday morning, came to London with load of clover, and was accosted by the prisoner and another man, who asked him to take a parcel for him to the White Horse, Wormley, for a shilling. He replied All right,” And they then asked him to have something to drink, to which he replied, “All right,” again. They went into public-house, and, having had a drink, prisoner requested him to go with him to a house in Old Street to get the parcel, and the other man undertook to mind the horse. After waiting a long while and finding the prisoner did not come out, he went back to the place where he had left the horse and cart, and found they were both gone. Lewis King, prosecutor’s brother-in-law, was passing down Tottenham Court Road, and seeing Chenies’ cart standing at the door of a corn chandler, he was induced to stop, when he saw the prisoner and another man bargaining with the corn chandler for the sale of the clover. He went up and sang out, ” Holloa! you have been and stole this horse and cart.” The prisoner’s companion at once ran off, but witness collared prisoner and called out “Stop thief!” He ultimately gave the prisoner into custody. The prisoner was committed for trial, but ordered to be brought up again, the police stated there were other similar charges against him.

Bedfordshire Mercury

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