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This Week In History

28th March, 1975 Bomb Scare.

A dramatic bomb scare closed Woolworths, Watford, for nearly four hours on Tuesday after a caller, claiming IRA connections, had demanded payment of £5,000. A man, who said he was from the “London Provisionals”, threatened to detonate remotely controlled bombs hidden in the store if his instructions for handing over the money were not carried out. He also said the devices would be detonated within 15 minutes if there was any sign of police activity. In fact police were informed and a team of 26 detectives went to the store. Police sent a woman officer wearing a Woolworths staff uniform to the kiosk named by the caller with a case which was supposed to contain the money. No attempt was made to collect the “money” and no explosive devices were found in the store
(Watford Observer).

31 March 1999 Commendation.

A Constable from Watford Three Rivers Division
For courageous and decisive action in physically restraining a man, intent on committing suicide in the Enquiry Office at Watford Police Station, from setting himself on fire with the individual and the officer doused in petrol. (General Order -13/1999)

30 March 1867 Watford Observer

James Adcock, of Aldenham, labourer, was charged with stealing a single barrel gun, the property of Thomas Howe of Aldenham, gardener.

This Week in Ware 1939 Hertfordshire Mercury

Anti-Aircraft Battery. —The Hertfordshire Mercury understands that tentative inquiries are being made in Ware with regard to the formation of a Territorial Army Anti-Aircraft Battery.
Women’s Meeting. —The weekly meeting for the women members of the congregation of Christ Church, Ware, was held at the Memorial Hall, Ware, on Monday. The meeting was conducted by Miss French. A film depicting the life of Jesus Christ was shown by Mr. Jessop.
Service of Intercession. —A service of intercession for peace took place at Christ Church, Ware, on Wednesday, when special prayers were offered. The service was conducted by the Vicar, the Rev. Frank Hobson, assisted by the Rev. C. C. J. Butlin. The Vicar concluded his series of Lenten addresses on The Power of the Holy Spirit .
Exceeded the Speed Limit. —At the Hertford Borough Court yesterday (Thursday), Charles F. Harwood, of 18 Coronation Road, Ware, was fined 30/- and 1/10 costs and his licence endorsed for riding a motor cycle in Hertford at a speed of 38 to 42 m.p.h. For a similar offence with a motor car, John S. Findley, of New House Farm, Wareside. Ware, was fined £2 and 2/- costs and his licence endorsed. Findley’s speed was stated to be 42 to 48 m.p.h.
Fire Destroys Shed. —A shed at the rear of the premises of Messrs. D. Wickham and Co. Ltd. at Crane Mead. Ware, was destroyed by fire on Wednesday night. The shed, which belonged to Mr. Arthur Batchelor, of Post Wood, London Road, Ware, contained a paraffin operated incubator and a foster mother. Ware Fire Brigade was called, but were unable to save the shed or its contents, which were quickly burnt out by the fierceness of the blaze.

26th March 1936 Ex-Policeman Injured At Hoddesdon Ware Driver Fined.

A road accident at Hoddesdon which resulted in injuries to retired police constable. had a sequel at Cheshunt Police Court on Wednesday, when Andrew Clifford Wall, 22, a baker’s roundsman, of 85 Musley Hill, Ware, was lined £1 and 8/-, costs for careless driving. John James Robinson, the retired policeman. of Westfield Road, Hoddesdon said he was walking along Westfield Road, two feet from the side, when he was suddenly knocked down on to his face. His face and hands were injured. When he came round he saw that a van had backed into him. Defendant said he thought he was doing the best thing in backing his van up Westfield Road, as otherwise he would have had to go on to the path to turn round.

31st March 1908 Fatal Motor Car Accident Near St. Albans. An Old Woman’s Death.

The Central News says that the Hertfordshire police are searching for a motorist who is alleged to have knocked down an old lady sixty years of age named Florence Crocker, whilst she was walking from Hatfield to St. Albans. The woman received such serious injuries that she died this morning in St. Albans Union. She had evidently been struck in the back, and ribs on both sides were fractured, while she had also suffered severely from exposure. No assistance reached her for about two hours but eventually she was discovered lying in a pitiable state by a St. Albans tradesman, who was driving home late at night.

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