Mystery policeman group photo

Roma Chatt

Probationers July 1924
Roma Chatt

The attached photo is believed to contain a family member but who? I have several policemen in the family but none that I can trace to being in the Hertfordshire Police which I believe this group belong to. Many years ago my mother was told the uniforms suggest an era of 1910-1934.

Some of the collar numbers appear to be 194, 236, 87p, 31, 240, 119 230, 41P if this helps in anyway. I’m hoping there may be a way to giving a name to this numbers which I can then cross check with my family tree.
Yours hopefully

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  • The cadet in the photo is my father (centre back row) PC 87 George Jones. After training he married in 1927 and I was born in 1934 when he was at Harpenden. Other Divisions he served in were ’39 to ’45 at Bishops Stortford, ’45 to 49 at Watford, ’49 at Hatfield until retirement in about ’61 having served approx. 37 years. He died at St. Ives in Cambs. age 85.

    By Ray jones (24/11/2022)
  • Thank you so much for the amazing information you have listed regarding this photo, it is more than I could ever have hoped for!
    Sadly at first glance none of the names mean anything but I am now going to delve deeper in hope of solving the mystery why this photo ended up in my Great Aunts possessions.
    It is good to know that at least the image has found a permanent resting place and maybe a family descendant may stumble across it one day.
    Thank you again.

    By Roma Chatt (23/05/2021)
  • Hi Roma, I am pleased to be able to tell you that from the records held in the Hertfordshire Police Historical Society archive I have been able to identify that this photograph was probably taken in July 1924 and shows six new recruits and their two instructors at the old Headquarters building at Hatfield. We did not have a copy of this photograph so I am delighted that you decided to post it on this website. If you click on the Police History category, scroll down and click on the Recruitment and Training category, then the Headquarters Hatfield category you will then see your photograph with a full list of details for the Officers. Hopefully you will recognise a name as being a relative of yours.

    By Paul Watts (22/05/2021)