Special Constable?

Christine Stephens

Watford special constable?

Found this old picture and I think my grandfather is 1st on the left back row. I didn’t know he was a special constable but this uniform appears to show he was. Where would I be able to find more information to confirm this. His name was Ernest Charles Bunker and he lived in Watford Herts. Thank you.

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  • Thank you Paul, yes after doing a bit more research I agree they are not connected to the police so I will definitely look into your suggestion of the de Havilland theory.

    By Christine Stevens (02/05/2022)
  • I do not believe these are Special Constables from Hertfordshire due to them not having Hart badges on their collars or caps. In fact they may not be Special Constables at all as their cap badges appear to be of an aircraft and it is possible that they were a security team for a private company. Their uniforms were often similar to Police uniforms at this period of time. I found this on Wikipedia which may explain who they are. “Shortly after the outbreak of World War II in 1940, Leavesden Aerodrome was established. In addition to a runway suitable for heavy bombers, and associated aircraft hangars, the de Havilland company, which had plants at Hatfield, built two factories for Halifax bombers and Mosquitoes. ” Their cap badges look similar to the de Havilland logo. It’s just a guess but it would seem likely.

    By Paul Watts (25/05/2020)