Police Box

Peter Davis

Waverley Road St Albans Police Call Box 1939
James Russell
Normandy Road St Albans Police Call Box 1959
James Russell


I was born in 1946 in Normandy Road (previously “Union Lane”) and lived there until 1963.

I well remember a Police Box situated at the junction of Dickens Close and Normandy Road.

It was a “cubic” shape with a door in the centre and two small recesses either side of the door.

I believe one was a Police phone line and the other was a Fire Service line, presumably for public use in case of house fires, road accidents etc.

I remember a roof mounted lamp with a protective grill around it which would occasionally flash to notify any Constable in the vicinity.

It was a favourite spot to roller skate from Dickens Close downhill pavement into the Normandy Road pavement, travelling a a rate of knots behind (or in front, if going too fast).

Not the amount of traffic back then, but today would be considered unsafe.

Any comments re this police box would be appreciated.

Regards;  Peter Davis

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  • James thank you for your comments and I hope Peter Davis will be able to answer your queries. I have now created a category solely for items concerning Police Boxes so if you would care to post your maps and photographs they can now be linked with this and any future posts. Kind regards Paul Watts.

    By Paul Watts (20/01/2020)
  • Hello Peter,

    The St. Albans City Police Box you describe was originally situated 634 feet north at the junction of Waverley Road and Norman Road (“Union Lane”) as can be seen on a 1939 map.

    On a 1959 map it is shown as you describe. I have 2 photos of St Albans boxes, one at the junction of Cunningham Avenue/ London Road ( for sure ) and the other I am pretty sure was in Watford Road.

    I don’t know how to attach them to this post but will try and create a page somewhere
    else on the site. The other 2 boxes look like the type that were used in Norwich and Ipswich and were made, out of wood, by Boulton and Paul of Norwich, Box type B309.

    I believe the St Albans Boxes had a flashing AMBER light. Can you verify this colour ? Also, what colour was the Box painted ? I’ve seen two tone paintwork on some but only ever black and white photographs.

    I have also created an interactive map that shows all the St. Albans Boxes (10) and Posts (14) but don’t know how to attach that here.

    James Russell

    By James Russell (19/01/2020)