Unknown PC or War Reserve PC

A Police FB group in Northants was seeking to identify a policeman pictured with a crashed B17 bomber, under the impression it was at the home base: Grafton Underwood. In fact the bomber had turned back on a raid on Schweinfurt 24/3/1944 and crashed trying to land at Nuthampstead.
The pic of the officer and the original air accident report are included in case you would like to try and identify the pictured officer. I assume the photo was taken some time after the crash when the aircraft was being stripped.

This page was added on 19/10/2023.

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  • Crashsite was near Barkway village, west of the B1368

    By Russ Abbey (29/10/2023)
  • In the original copy of the photograph of the PC is it possible to read his collar number – it should be up to a three figure number followed by a Divisional letter. The Herts Police Historical Society have reasonable records for this period and with a collar number there is a good chance of identifying the officer.

    By Paul Watts (19/10/2023)