Special Constables - Jacob Monk

Can anyone help ?

Eleanor Waldock

I am trying to research Special Constables in the second World War.

The person I am trying to trace is my Grandfather. his name is Jacob Monk.

He lived in the Village of Bramfield, nearĀ  Hertford.

I have a photograph of a medal that he was given for his service and would like to know how to find out if any records exist.

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  • Mrs Waldock

    I have checked the Roster relating to War Reserve Constables at the end of WWII and he is not recorded as having been a War Reserve Officer. The records we have of Special Constables is very sparse and due to their very high turnover, not an easy subject to research. As this site grows, it may well in due course turn up articles that include yours & other people’s relatives.

    By Nik Pringle (09/07/2015)
  • Dear Ms Waldock

    On behalf of the Hertfordshire Constabulary’s Historical Society, I’m sorry to say that we are unlikely to hold any details of your grandfather’s service. Whilst we do hold a vast collection of past personnel files (some of which relate to those who served in the war years), it is my understanding that these only relate to full-time officers who received a pension upon retiring. Was Jacob Monk definitely a Special Constable and not a War Reserve Constable, as these were paid and may have received a pension? Have you been able to identify the type of medal you hold? If the ribbon is red, black and white, then this is likely to be a Special Constabulary Long Service medal (awarded for 9 years service). If it is green black and orange, then this is a Defence Medal (awarded to regular, reserve and special officers who served for at least three years between 1939 and 1945). If it is something else, than this might relate to a particular act. In which case, you might find him mentioned in local newspapers from the time. I have previously found information relating to individual officer in this way and would recommend  http://www.britishnewspaperarchive.co.uk

    By ANDY WISEMAN (08/01/2015)