Fairman, Sydney Ewart.1939 - 1943

Chief Constable of Hertfordshire Constabulary, 1939-1943


Sydney Maurice Ewart Fairman was appointed Chief Constable of Hertfordshire in late 1939. He had previously served in the army, where he held the rank of Captain. It was often said that he struggled in the role of Chief Constable, due to his lack of previous police experience. In 1943, he resigned from the police to join the Allied Military Government of Occupied Territories; a body formed during the Second World War to rule areas liberated by the allies. Whilst on active service on the beaches of Anzio, Italy, Fairman contracted pneumonia and died a short time later.

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  • Fairman’s father, also Sydney (abt.1874-1962) was a Chief Clerk in the Royal Engineers and became Foreman of Works on the Nigerian Railway in 1913. Fairman (28.5.1898 – 20.5.1944) had distinguished service in the First World War in the Royal Welch Fusiliers, the Camel Corps and Light Car Patrols.
    He might have been in Lahore in 1921, he might have sailed Egypt-UK in 1924.
    A subaltern named Fairman (over six foot tall and more than 14 stone, so nicknamed ‘Baby’) from the Frontiers Camel Corps, helped the Kemal el Din Sahara expedition in 1923; and a man of the same name was on the Clayton expedition of 1926. Goudie speculates that this may have been Sydney Maurice Fairman (Goudie, Andrew, ‘Wheels Across the Desert’, 2008). It would be great to have more information on him.

    By Neill Gilhooley (16/10/2017)
  • Please would you amend the spelling of his Christian name to ‘Sydney’.
    (Grand daughter)

    By Hilary Davidson (18/12/2015)