Daniell, Lieutenant Colonel Henry S. 1880 - 1911

His Appointment and Retirement As Chief Constable.

Paul Watts

Lieutenant Colonel Henry S. Daniell
Herts Police Historical Society


(Abridged) Published in the Herts Advertiser and the Hertford Mercury and Reformer on Saturday 23rd October 1880 under the headline Hertfordshire Michaelmas Quarter Sessions. County Business.

The Court met at St. Albans on Thursday at noon. There was a very full attendance of magistrates, owing no doubt, to the fact that the appointment of a Chief Constable for the County, in the room of the late Col. Robertson, had been fixed for the meeting. Mr. R. Pryor, the chairman of the St. Albans Division, presided.

The Vacant Office Of Chief Constable.

The Clerk of the Peace then read to the court a report which set forth the course that the County Constabulary Committee took on the office of Constable becoming vacant. Candidates were advertised for and out of 67 who offered themselves, seven were chosen to appear before the court that day, and from the number the committee recommended that that a selection should be made their names were:

Name                                        Age    Rank                                                                                                                                    Major .B. Barker                      49      Head Constable, Birkenhead                                                                                    Captain R.W. Blackwood        40      52nd Regiment.                                                                                                                      Major H. Daniell                       41      District Supt. Police, Poona.                                                                                    Captain G.R. Drummond       35      Chief Constable, West Sussex.                                                                                Captain E.A. Fitzroy                 40      R.H.A.                                                                                                                          Captain J.H. Hamersley          38      22nd Regiment.                                                                                                               W.S. Wells, Esq.                      44      Indian Civil Service.

Mr. Evans said as to the qualifications laid down in the rules of the Secretary of State for Chief Constables, the committee hoped they would be adopted, feeling that it would be hardly for the court to further restrict the qualifications which had received so much consideration from the Home Office and which distinctly laid down.

There was then considerable discussion on the salary to be given to the new Chief Constable and where he was to live.

Election of Chief Constable.

The court then proceeded to elect a Chief Constable out of the seven selected candidates named above. It was decided that no candidate should be considered elected till he had obtained an absolute majority of votes. Mr. Evans and Mr. H.H. Gibbs were appointed scrutineers to assist the Clerk.

On the first collection of the papers, Mr. Evans announced that 97 justices voted, and the candidates received support as follows: Major Barker, 16; Capt. Blackwood, 6; Major Daniell, 21; Capt. Drummond, 3; Capt. Fitzroy, 25; Capt. Hammersley, 5; Mr. Wells, 21.

Capt. Drummond, as receiving the smallest number of votes, had therefore to retire and Capts. Blackwood and  Hammersley volunteered to do the same.

On the second vote being taken, 97 voting, the result was: Barker, 17; Daniell, 26; Fitzroy, 28; Wells, 26.

On the third poll, 96 voting, the result was Daniell, 37; Fitzroy, 30; Wells, 29.

The final result was arrived at by the votes of 95 magistrates. Daniell received 49 votes and Fitzroy 46.

Mr. Evans thereupon proposed that Major Daniell be appointed Chief Constable for the County, subject to the approval of the Secretary of State. The motion was seconded by Viscount Grimston and was unanimously carried.

The Chairman, addressing the new Chief Constable, said he was convinced that the magistrates and the ratepayers of the county would feel satisfied that they had selected a man who deserved the confidence of all the residents in the county and that they would find in him an able successor to the late Col. Robertson. He assured him that he would at all times receive the utmost assistance from the magistrates and he hoped that he would successfully perform the duties of his office.

Major Daniell thanked the Court for his election and said that as a complete stranger to Hertfordshire he felt that the best way in which he could show his appreciation of the confidence reposed in him was by  a strict attention to his duties and by endeavouring to maintain a high standard of efficiency among the Hertfordshire Police. He hoped as time went on, he should be able to perform his duties successfully and to the satisfaction of the magistrates and the county.

The New Chief Constable.

Published in the Herts Advertiser on Saturday 27 November 1880 under the headline County Petty Sessions. Saturday, November 20. Before Viscount Grimston (in the chair), Mr. T.P. Marten, Mr. G.N. Marten and Mr. H.J. Toulmin.

Major Daniell attended the bench and was sworn in as Chief Constable of the county, an office to which he was elected at the Michaelmas Quarter Sessions.


Published in the Luton Times and Advertiser on Friday 23rd June 1911.                                                                          Lieut. Colonel Henry Daniell, Chief Constable of Hertfordshire since 1880, has handed in his resignation to the Standing Joint Committee. Colonel Daniell saw much active service, both in India with the 3rd Bombay Light Cavalry (now the 3rd Queen’s Own Indian Cavalry) and was granted by  the Indian Government the rank of Deputy Inspector General of Police, in recognition of conspicuous service rendered in apprehending notable rebels in the Indian Mutiny.

Official Notification.

A General Order issued from Police Headquarters, Hatfield on the 13th October 1911announced the following:

Lieutenant Colonel Henry S. Daniell this day hands over charge of the office of Chief Constable, to the Deputy Chief Constable, in anticipation of his retirement on 1st November 1911.

Lieutenant Colonel Daniell has on his retirement completed 31 years’ service as Chief Constable of the County of Hertford.

Every member of the Force has been enrolled in the Constabulary during Colonel Daniell’s tenue of office.

Colonel Daniell severs his connection with the Herts Constabulary with heart felt regret.

He desires to express to each individual member of the Force his most grateful thanks for the support he has received from each and all during his many years of service.

Colonel Daniell believes himself justified in saying that the Herts Constabulary has achieved a high reputation for efficiency and smartness.

This reputation has been achieved, not by the Chief Constable, but by the deep interest and devotion to duty shown by all ranks of the Force.

An Officer and gentleman of high character has been appointed to succeed Colonel Daniell.

Colonel Daniell is confident that Major Law succeeds to the control of a thoroughly loyal body of public officers and is equally confident that the same qualities which have endeared the Force to Colonel Daniell, will be continued to be shown to his successor.

Henry Daniell Lieut. Colonel Chief Constable of Herts.

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