Rise of Anti German Feeling

Herts & Essex Observer, Sept 1914
Herts & Essex Observer, 1914

What were the rumours that were circulating about Frederick Zelley ?

How do you think the rumours affected his business as a jeweller, or his work as a Special Constable ?

What evidence had Zelley submitted to the Magistrates in Bishop’s Stortford ?

How effective do you think this kind of declaration in the local newspaper was at dispelling the rumours ?


Look at the second item. What is this advert encouraging you to do and why ?

Who else does drinks this beer, according to the advert ?

The advert does not suggest that English beers taste better than German ones, so why are people being encouraged to drink them ?

What do you think was said about people who continued to drink German beer during the War ?

Do you think this kind of advertising was justified during the War ?

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