Special Constables called out after dropping of hostile bombs

Hertfordshire Mercury, 16th January 1915


Great consternation was created in that part of the parish near Cheshunt Police Station on Sunday afternoon when the discharging of four bombs summoned the members of the Special Constabulary to the station.  This emergency call was in consequence of information received concerning the reported movements of a fleet of hostile aircraft which, it was stated, had left Dunkirk early in the afternoon. The Sergeant of the Special Constabulary on duty received instructions from the commander of the ‘H’ Division to summon all men off duty to the station, and, thanks to the arrangements made with the Captain of the Fire Brigade, the four fire bombs were discharged at a minute interval between each.  The noise of the bombs as they exploded attracted a large crowd of people outside the station to witness the arrival of the specials.  Chief Inspector F. Tingle and Inspector A. Goulding were quickly at the station, and in about an hour some seven sergeants and 60 men had reported themselves.  There was an amusing diversion when the Fire Brigade horses and Capt. Sykes, who had evidently mistaken the number of bombs (two only are recognized for calling out the Brigade), turned up in anticipation of a fire which did not exist.  The Specials were kept at the station to await further orders, and at about 4.30 a message was received stating that there was then no need for alarm, and ordering the dismissal of the parade.  Chief Inspector Tingle addressed the men and conveyed to them the thanks of Sir John Fuller (the Commander) for so promptly turning out to the call of duty.  He pointed out that the emergency call was made upon the orders received from the headquarters of the Division, and because an element of danger did, at the time of the call, exist.

The Special Constables at Waltham Abbey were also called out, and Assistant-Commander A.J. Edwards and some 25 men reported themselves at Waltham Abbey Station.  After the threatened danger had passed the men were dismissed, with the thanks of the Commander of ‘N’ Division for so promptly turning out.

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