A man's got to have his sleep

Hertfordshire Mercury, 23rd November 1918


The Special Constables in Hertford are protesting against the extra night duty which has recently been imposed upon them without, as they believe, the slightest justification.  It seems strange, they think, that now that the war is over, and the necessity for police patrols has to a great extent ceased to exist, that increased work should be put upon them.  What they more particularly object to is the duty from 1.30 a.m. to 5.30 a.m., a consequence of which is that they lose their night’s rest and have to put in a hard day’s work immediately afterwards.

This regulation falls particularly hard on some of the tradesman and working men, and at a meeting held the other night they decided to enter an emphatic protest to the police authorities.  Whoever is responsible for this blunder should at once recognise that they have made a mistake by withdrawing the objectionable order.  What necessity there is for a special patrol in the dark hours of the night when all inhabitants are asleep it is difficult to understand.

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