Apology to Special Constabulary and details of officers enlisting

Hertfordshire Mercury, 10th July 1915


It has been represented to us that a paragraph in last week’s issue of the ‘Mercury’ is capable of a construction derogatory to the Special Constabulary of the county in the duties it is called upon to perform in these troubled times.  We need hardly say that there was no intention whatever on our part to ridicule the Force or to sow disaffection among the members, and we much regret that the reference to the attitude of the Hertford Corps in regard to the compulsory drill order should have given rise to this view.

We are informed that the Special Constables are proving a very valuable help in the maintenance of law and order, and other ways, and that their services, willingly and efficiently discharged, are very greatly appreciated by the authorities.  We unreservedly accept this assurance as representing the true facts of the case, and apologise for any comment which might appear to represent the position to be otherwise than as now stated.

In regard to the composition of the Regular Police Force of the county, it has been brought to our knowledge that every man in the Force who could possibly be spared has been allowed to join the Army; and it is gratifying to know that one constable, viz., G.H. Smith, who was groom to the Superintendent at St Albans, has been promoted to the rank of second-lieutenant in the Royal Horse Artillery for services in the field.  He joined the R.H.A. as a Sergeant, and quickly rose to Battery-Sergeant-Major, and his old comrades have recently heard with pleasure of his promotion to commissioned rank.  Lieut. Smith being home on short leave they propose to take advantage of the occasion to present him with a sword, suitably engraved.  The presentation will be made at Hatfield Police Court this (Saturday) morning.

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