Lord Farquhar and his chauffeur fined

Hertfordshire Mercury, 26th October 1907


Alfred Oscar Bradley, a chauffeur, of West Hampstead, was summoned for failing to produce his motor-car licence when called to do so, at Welwyn, on July 4th; and his employer, Lord Farquhar, of 7, Grosvenor Square, London, W, was summoned for aiding and abetting his chauffeur to commit the said offence.

Mr. Clark, of St. Albans, appeared for the prosecution.

P.s. Ebling stated that he was on duty at Ayot, on the main road between Welwyn and Hatfield, at 5.24 p.m., on July 4th, when he saw Bradley driving a motor-car. He stopped him and asked for his driving licence. Defendant said “What do you want to see that for?”  Witness replied; You have been timed over a certain distance, and if you have exceeded the limit you have rendered yourself liable”.

As he was saying that, the occupant of the car (who afterwards turned out to be Lord Farquhar) let down his window and said “What the devil do you want?” (Laughter) Witness replied “I wish to see your driver’s licence, please” and the gentleman immediately said to the driver “Never mind him, go on” and the car went off, but not before he had taken the number.

P.s. Hadder, of Hertford, stated that on July 22nd he went to Lord Farquhar’s London residence, 7, Grosvenor Square, and there saw the defendant Bradley and asked him why he did not produce his licence when the officer stopped him. Bradley replied “I was proceeding to do so when his Lordship cried out “What the devil does he want? Drive on”.  I drove on. On arriving in London I told his Lordship that the police had the number of the car, at that they would find us out”.

Bradley admitted the offence, and said he should have shown the officer his licence if his master had not ordered him to drive on. He admitted a previous conviction and a fine of £3 12s.

The charge against Lord Farquhar was proceeded with. His Lordship’s private secretary appeared on his behalf and pleaded guilty, but said there was extenuating circumstances. His Lordship, he said, would have put in an appearance, but he was not well, and was under a doctor’s care.

P.s. Ebling repeated the evidence he had already given, and Mr. Clark called the chauffeur, who again said he should have produced his licence if Lord Farquhar had not told him to proceed on his journey.

Lord Farquhar’s private secretary said his Lordship was very much upset at being stopped as the car was travelling at a vey slow pace, besides which he had an important appointment in London which he was anxious to keep. He was very much annoyed at being stopped, because the car was going well under the limit of speed, and he had an idea that he could not be stopped unless he was breaking the law, and he was not doing that. His Lordship very much regretted it now, because he was not aware at the time that a constable had power to stop him when he was not committing an offence.

The Chairman: Bradley, you will be fined 10s. including costs. Of course you understand that you were breaking the law, but we think that you were influenced by the person inside the car.

Lord Farquhar will be fined £1 and £1 15s. 6d., including costs. If he had not sent a representative down he would have been fined full penalty.



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