The general strike - tribute to the police

Hertfordshire Mercury, 22nd May 1926


The proposal to initiate a national tribute to the Police Forces in the country in grateful recognition of the magnificent spirit in which they carried out their arduous duties in the recent crisis, has met with an over-whelming response.

We have been enabled to go peacefully about our lawful duties largely because of their courage, tact and wonderful restraint.

They have been overworked, abused at times, and in many cases assaulted, yet not a single complaint has been made against these splendid men in blue.

This feature of the domestic crisis as Sir W. Joyson-Hicks, the Home Secretary has publicly pointed out, would probably have been impossible in any other country in the world.

They have used the powers with which they are invested by the law throughout many difficult situations, solely for the preservation of peace.

That the invaluable services that they have rendered to the nation are deserving of national recognition will be fully appreciated by all loyal citizens, and the appeal of Lord Hampden in a letter in our columns we cordially commend to our readers.

Undoubtedly that is the general feeling, and in order to give that warm sentiment a practical realisation, we would ask our readers to send contributions to The Times  National Police Fund.



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