Alleged damage to a hedge

Hertfordshire Mercury, 18th December 1915


At Welwyn Petty Sessions on Friday, Charles Roberts, licensee of the George beer-house, Codicote Road, Welwyn, pleaded not guilty to a charge of wilfully damaging a quick set hedge, the property of Charles Welch, at Codicote Road, Welwyn, on October 21.  The complainant said he was a jobbing gardener, and Mr Roberts was his next door neighbour, and had cut a hedge which belonged to the witness.  When the witness asked him not to do it the defendant told him to mind his own business.  The hedge had been set for four years.  The defendant had cut the hedge too far back, and had also cut off the tops of some of the witness’ fruit trees.  He estimated the damage at 10 shillings.

P.s. Wood, of Welwyn, said the complainant came to the Police Station on Thursday, October 21, and complained of what Mr Roberts had been doing to his hedge.  The witness visited the place the next day and noticed that the hedge had been cut close up to the wire netting which parted the two gardens.  The hedge had been trimmed up close to the wire, but the hedge itself was not destroyed.  The hedge appeared to have overhung Mr Roberts’ ground.  Mr Roberts, in answer to the Magistrate, said as the hedge was overhanging on to his garden he considered that he was quite in order in cutting it back.  He had done no damage to the hedge.  Mr Cunliffe, in dismissing the case, said he was of the opinion that it was not one for the Magistrate to settle.

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