What a treat !

Hertfordshire Mercury, 25th November 1916


At Watford Police Court, on Tuesday, William Carden, licensee of the Coach and Horses Public House, Bushey Heath, was charged under the Liquor Control Order, namely allowing treating.  His barmaid was summoned for supplying the drink, and five men who were in the house for consuming it.

Two policemen in plain clothes were in the house on 4th November when a man came in, said that he had had good news in that his brother, who had been reported killed, had now been found to be all right, and so he called for drinks all round.  The glasses of the customers were re-filled, including those of the Constables who later revealed their identities.

The landlord was fined £10, the barmaid £2, the man who paid for the drinks £2, and the other defendants £1 each, with the exception of one, an old age pensioner, who was ordered to pay 5 shillings towards the costs.

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