Attempted suicide at Hertford

Hertfordshire Mercury, 30th June 1906


Albert Thomas Langrish, 34, labourer, at first pleaded not guilty to an indictment for attempting to commit suicide by cutting his throat at Hertford on June 16th, but after being advised he entered a plea of guilty.

Mr Barrington for the prosecution said the prisoner had been a steady, quiet man, and was the bread-winner of the family. He worked for Mr Kemp, builder, and he had with him a man named Cox, who a week previous to this affair had committed suicide by drowning himself in the Lee. This preyed so much on prisoner’s mind that he was constantly talking about it, took to drink, and committed this rash act. The wound was only skin deep and three inches long.

His Lordship: I don’t want to punish this man, but the difficulty is to know what to do with him. Has he any friends who will take charge of him?

Mr Barrington said there was only his wife, who was hardly capable of doing so.

Mr Tindal-Atkinson, who was asked to look after the prisoner’s interests, said the prisoner’s father-in-law would see to him. Richard Tyler was brought forward and promised to take care of the prisoner for a time.

Mr Barrington said that witness had only a small home and was hardly ever in work.

Mr Tindal-Atkinson: He will have all the more time to look after prisoner.  (Laughter.)


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