Attempted suicide - Hoddesdon

Hertfordshire Mercury, 15th September 1906


Gertrude Love, a young laundry maid, of Lea Road, Rye Common, was charged with attempting suicide. P.C.Carter of Rye Common, stated that at about 9.25p.m. on Sunday he was on the railway bridge at Rye House and hearing someone shout “Police, police – there’s a woman in the river” he ran to the New River bridge, and saw the defendant in the river. He pulled her out, took her onto the road and asked her why she did it. She replied “I jumped in. I want to go, I want to let my brothers see that they have a sister in the world”.

He took her to the Hoddesdon police station in a cab, and when he charged her there she said “All I have to say is I am guilty”. The water was about 4ft. deep in the¬†middle, and about 2ft. deep at the sides. She was about 3 ft. from the bank. Defendant’s father said he was not prepared to take charge of her. Mr.Chapman, the defendant’s employer, said she had no reason for such an act, to his knowledge. Defendant was remanded to prison for a week, so the Chaplain might see her.

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