Attempted suicide - but "He's not a silly chap"

Hertfordshire Mercury, 2nd June 1900


Arthur Hill, labourer of Lemsford, was charged with attempted suicide by cutting his throat with a razor at Hatfield.

Daniel Hernett, a labourer of Stanborough said that he heard somebody calling out from a field near the road from Hatfield at about 7:40am on 6 May 1900.  Hill was shouting “Come on” and on investigating further, Hernett found a man waving his hands and shouting. Hill asked Hernett to pull his wet clothes off and on looking closer Hernett noticed that his clothes and boots were wet and blood was running from his throat. Hill told him to fetch the police.

P.C. Wackelt said that on Sunday 6 May at about 8am he received information that a man was lying with his throat cut beside the brook and on further investigation he found this to be the case.  When he asked Hill what he was doing, Hill replied “This is all through love, but I shan’t tell you who it’s with.”  On searching the area P.C. Wackelt found an open razor with blood on it about 5 yards from where Hill was lying.  Hill was removed to Hatfield Union Infirmary, where he remained until he was removed to the Workhouse by Inspector Martin on 28 May.

When brought before the Bench, Hill said he was very sorry for what he had done.  His father, with whom Hill lived, said all he knew was that his son had been very queer on the Saturday night.  He said his son had not been drinking and had never been a silly chap in his life.  When asked if there was a girl involved, Mr Hill, Snr. said he did not know.  He agreed that he would look after his son if he was let off.

The Chairman told Hill that he had been guilty of a very wicked and serious act, but if he would go home to his parents and behave himself the Bench would dismiss the case.  Hill agreed to do so and the case was dismissed.

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