1960s cap badge

John Weeks

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  • Hi G Paul Karcha, sorry but the system does not allow attachments to be made with comments. If you would like to post a photograph please click on the “contribute” link on the Home page and follow the instructions. The photo can then be added to the original post or stand alone as required. Many thanks Paul (Editor)

    By Paul Watts (23/11/2021)
  • Hello Matt and Andy

    Your information on the cap badge was interesting for me as I have what I believe to be the predecessor to your cap badge Matt.

    Andy, I cannot figure out how to add a photo to this comment…are you able to help me with that?

    By G Paul Karcha (23/11/2021)
  • Hi Matt
    Believe it or not this cap badge is still the current design worn by Hertfordshire Constables and Sergeants on peaked caps (male officers) and pathfinder helmets (female officers). Based on a number of historic photographs I have seen, this particular design was first adopted by the Constabulary in the 1940’s. Prior to this the hart was on a solid background, rather than a ‘cut out’. It has often puzzled me why the badge has retained the crown of Queen Victoria, rather than adapting those of successive kings and QEII like all other UK forces. It is quite unique in that respect. Similarly, I don’t know why it is generally smaller than those worn by other forces. My best guess is that it was adapted at a time when metal was scarce and a larger badge was considered too lavish for wartime.
    Andy Wiseman – serving Herts officer and Historical Society secretary.

    By Andy Wiseman (01/06/2016)
  • Hi
    I’m a former Police Cadet with Surrey Constabulary who due to a spinal injury never had the opportunity to serve. I collect Police memorabilia and I recent had this badge come into my collection and would like to know its history regarding period used and why it’s so much smaller than all other cap badges from this era.

    By Matt England (14/05/2016)