Friend or Foe? Questions

Fear, Suspicion and Shifting Loyalties

Belgian Refugees

What were the attitudes towards refugees and their situation at the start of the war and what was done to help them?

What were considered to be the problems relating to welcoming refugees?

What evidence is there that attitudes changed towards the refugees and can you think of any similar parallels in more recent times?

Alien Registration and Restrictions

Who was classed as an “alien” under the Alien Restriction Order?

What restrictions were placed on Aliens?

Rise of anti-German feeling

What evidence is there that people were suspicious of the Germans?

What methods were used to dispel rumours about names and associations to Germany?

Prisoners of War in Hertfordshire

What was the role of the police with regard to Prisoners of War?

How do you think local people felt about having Prisoners of War nearby?

What reasons were there behind the varying attitudes to Prisoners of War?

Divided loyalties: Edith Joscelyne

Where was Edith when war was declared?

How did the outbreak of war affect her attitude to the family she worked for?

She returned to England and took up work in a munitions factory in Hertfordshire.  How do you think she came to this decision?


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