Hill climbing on Sunday

Hertfordshire Mercury, 6th February 1926


A Middlesex Motor-Cycle¬† and Light Car Club , following on the example of other Clubs last year and the year before, came to Hertford on Sunday for climbing tests up what is known as Steep Hill , leading from Molewood Road to Church Road , Bengeo . The fearful noises created by the engines caused such an annoyance and disturbance to the residents in the neighbourhood , who wished to enjoy the Sabbath in peace , that complaints were made to the police , and a word from Supt West brought the motorists’ operations to a close .

This nuisance has been tolerated for a long time , but it has become so frequent that it is time the authorities put a stop to it . When it is remembered that one of the residents was lying ill close by where the motorists started , the annoyance can well be imagined . Steep Hill is not a public roadway for vehicular traffic , the public right of way being only for pedestrians , and a notice to that effect should be sufficient to prevent ant further trouble.

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