Disgusting language In Peg's Lane

Hertfordshire Mercury, 1st September 1906


In the second court of Hertford Borough Sessions on Thursday, Mary Ann Brown, of Peg’s Lane, was charged with using bad language on Saturday, August 25th, in Peg’s Lane.  Defendant pleaded not guilty.

P.C. Saunders said that he was fetched to go to the neighbourhood on the night in question and when he arrived there at 11.20 he saw the defendant with her head out of the bedroom window using disgusting language.  He handed the Bench a copy of some of the language.  The language was used to the defendant’s sons.  This continued until ten minutes to twelve.  Jacob Brown, one of the sons, was called for the defence, and denied that his mother used bad language; but in cross examination he admitted that his mother did “let a word or two drop”.

The same defendant was then charged with a similar offence on the night of Sunday, August 26th, in Peg’s Lane.  P.C. Huckle said that he was called to Peg’s Lane on the night in question, and on arriving there at 9 p.m. he found the defendant shouting at the top of her voice and using disgraceful language.  He managed to get her indoors; but he was fetched again at 12 midnight, and found the defendant repeating her conduct.  Defendant refused to go indoors, and witness was obliged to carry her in.  Mrs Gutteridge, of 47, Castle Street, spoke as to hearing the disturbance and language, but was unable to say definitely whether it was the defendant who used it.

P.S. Hadder also gave corroborative evidence, and the defendant was fined 15s. or fourteen days imprisonment in each case.  She said she would go to gaol, but later on the money was paid into court by one of her friends.




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