The Lighting Restrictions

Hertfordshire Mercury, 27th November 1915


At Hertford County Sessions on Saturday, Mr John Rigby, of the Moat House, Hertingfordbury, land agent, was summoned for a contravention of the Lighting Restriction Order, on November 5.  PC Bushnell, of Letty Green, stated that at 7.50 p.m. on November 5 he was at Hertingfordbury and noticed a bright light shining from the side of Moat House.  On going nearer he found that three windows were unscreened.  He went to the back door and told the servants that the lights would have to be covered up.  The witness had already cautioned Mrs Rigby, who said she was not aware that the lights were unscreened.  She promised to have them covered up.  The witness had already cautioned Mrs Rigby about her lights on October 26.  The lights reflected right across the water on to the other side of the river.  Two nights later, Sunday, November 7, he again saw lights at Moat House, this time in the top windows of the house, and they were shining into the roadway.  The defendant said that he was not going to attempt to defend himself if there had been an offence against the Order.  He had given instructions to the servants to keep the lights screened, but the maids were careless, and he supposed they must have neglected screening the windows on the occasions mentioned.  He had no desire to break the law and would endeavour not to offend again.

The Chairmen said the magistrates acquitted Mr Rigby of any personal carelessness, but his household must be informed that they would have to be more careful.  He would be fined 10s. and 4s. costs this time, but if the offence was repeated the penalty would be much heavier.

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