Some light on the matter

Hertfordshire Mercury, 8th January 1916


Being 1916, lighting restrictions applied under the Defence of the Realm Act but, nevertheless, PS Hadder, in Cowbridge shortly before midnight, saw a bright light shining from a front window.  Curtains were open.  The defendant, William Archer, was seen in the house “..knocking his wife about”.  But the defendant claimed that this had nothing to do with the bright light!!!  The police officer asked the defendant to stop knocking his wife about because Mrs Archer was bleeding from the mouth.  All the police officer got from the defendant was abuse, but the latter did agree, eventually, to leave the house.

At the hearing, the defendant could not deny that the light had been shining out through the window, and he was fined 20 shillings, with 4 shillings costs.

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