Norton Interpol 2 - B398BNM

588 cc air-cooled twin-rotor Wankel engine

Paul Watts

Norton Interpol 2 motorcyle
Paul Watts

This photograph was taken on the main driveway at Headquarters. This Norton was one of four Interpol 2’s bought by Hertfordshire, one A registered and three B registered.  A superbly smooth motorcycle to ride it was tremendous on the open road with fantastically quick acceleration and positive handling. However, when used for slow speed work when escorting the likes of a carnival parade, then it rapidly overheated and your feet felt like that they were about to catch fire! They had a total loss oil system to lubricate the rotor tips with a separate oil reservoir under the seat which had to be checked daily and topped up. This particular bike came to a sad end when someone forgot to top up the oil causing the engine to seize.

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