Fireworks In The Street - Let Off With A Fine

Hertfordshire Mercury, 17th November1906


Alfred Miles was charged  with throwing fireworks about the streets on November 5th.  P.C. Wood stated that at 8 p.m. on Monday night, November 5th, he was in Railway Street, when he saw the defendant let off several fireworks. Then he lit one at Mr Dodson’s fish shop, and another he lit and threw in the bedroom window, and it fell on the bed where Mr Dodson’s little child was sleeping. Mr Dodson rushed upstairs and put it out in time to prevent any damage being done. P.C. Pusey corroborated. Supt Foster said that Mr Dodson had been warned to attend but was on the sick list. He added that bills had been posted all over the  town warning people against letting off fireworks in the street, and although a good many people had to be cautioned, this case was so bad that he was obliged to take action. The Bench inflicted a fine of 10 shillings, and informed the defendant that he might have caused very serious damage by his foolish action.

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