Take Cover! Questions

What were the threats to people at home in Hertfordshire and how were they addressed?

Air Raids

What are the public advised to do in the event of an air raid?

How will people know if a hostile aircraft has been spotted?

How will they know it is safe to leave their shelters?

What do you think of the tone of this document?

How did people respond when air raids happened and Zeppelins were close by?

Why do you think people reacted like this?

From the evidence try to describe the atmosphere during the air raids.

What impression do you have of what it would have been like to be there?

How would the aircraft insurance policy protect its owner?

Do you think it was worth taking out this kind of insurance?

Why do  you think a commemorative postcard was made of the airman who shot down a Zeppelin?

People flocked to the area to collect pieces of the wreckage of the  Zeppelin.  What do you think about this?

How did the Red Cross raise funds from the shot down Zeppelin?  Does this seem reasonable to you?

What do the first hand accounts of air raids reveal about people’s attitudes and behaviour at the time?

Look at the postcard of the bombed house.  Why do you think this image was made into a postcard?

The Police

What role did the Police play in protecting the local area?

Where did they carry out their duties?


What were the consequences of not complying with the blackout?

Why was it taken so seriously do you think?

How did local shops support the blackout?

What does the cartoon tell you about people’s attitude to the blackout?

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