Zeppelin Shot Down

Commemorative postcard, William Leefe-Robinson VC 1916
BSM 611
Souvenir hunter at Cuffley
The Graphic, 09 Sept, 1916
Certificate of authenticity for Zeppelin souvenirs
BSM 611

What did Mr Littlechild of Cuffley see at 1 o’clock on Sunday morning ?

Did Mr Littlechild think it safer to be inside or outside the house ?

The burning Zeppelin was so close their house, what did Mr Littlechild think would happen ?

What actually happened ?

The second item is a postcard of William Leefe-Robinson, the airman who shot the Zeppelin down. Why do you think this commemorative postcard was produced ?


In the third item, a well dressed lady is picking through the wreckage of the shot down Zeppelin. Does this surprise you ?


What is the fourth item ?

Why was it important to have this mark of authenticity ?

To which charity and for what purpose were metal scraps from the Zeppelin sold ?

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  • I have an old photo of “zeppelin bought down in flames at Potters Bar midnight oct 1st 1916” but have seen the exact same drawing on a website showing sept 1916 zeppelin.

    By Graham Bushell (02/11/2016)
  • The http://www.Hertfordshire-genealogy.co.uk site has some fascinating stories about the Zeppelin attacks on the UK during WW1. Including an item about a postcard I found in a shop in Lyme Regis.
    One of the other Zeppelins shot down over Hertfordshire happened at 2350, on 1 October 1916 when the Zeppelin L31 dropped some 50 bombs on Cheshunt it was pursued by a BE2C fighter plane and was shot down in flames near Potters Bar, Herts. with a loss of all the 19 crew.

    By John Halsey (01/09/2015)
  • At 2.25am on Sunday 3rd September 1916 Zeppelin Schtte-Lanz 11 of the German Army was shot down by a fighter plane using the new incendiary ammunition. The Zeppelin burst into flames and crashed at Cuffley.

    By John Halsey (01/09/2015)

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