Hertfordshire Constabulary Cricket Team

Fred Pavey

Hertfordshire Constabulary cricket team with Devon & Cornwall opponents - tour early 1970's
Hertfordshire Constabulary cricket team after a tour match with members of Devon & Cornwall in early 1970's

In the 1970’s I was secretary of the Hertfordshire Constabulary cricket team for ten years. During this period we had a very successful team playing regular matches mainly against other police county sides but we also regularly played two cricket matches against Stevenage Cricket Club in their cricket week and an all day match against St. Edmunds College at Old Hall Green near Ware. For about ten years the team went on tour to Devon & Cornwall for a week in May. I will attach two photographs taken during the early tours both showing the Hertfordshire team with members of Devon & Cornwall Constabulary.

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  • Hi Paul

    Sudden brain storm – I think it is Stuart Burnett


    By Fred Pavey (15/12/2021)
  • Paul

    The one I could not remember I believe was Stuart but cannot remember his surname.


    By Fred Pavey (15/12/2021)
  • It is some time ago but will give a try.
    Cricket team in whites:
    Those Standing – from the left:
    1. Bob Hemsley
    5. Derek Phillips
    8. John Dunham
    13. Colin Croucher
    16. ? (cannot remember)
    Middle Row from left:
    5 Fred Pavey
    Front Row from left.
    3. Mick Gale
    5. Ray BaIley
    6. Jim Armitage

    After Match Photo
    2nd Row from back
    1. John Dunham
    3rd Row from back
    1. Paul Dumpleton {?}
    3. ? (cannot remember)
    4. Derek Phillips
    5. Ray Bailey
    Front Row from left:
    1. “Lemmy” Bullard
    2.Jim Armitage
    3. Fred Pavey
    4. Mick Gale

    By Fred Pavey (15/12/2021)
  • Fred are you able to name the team members?

    By Paul Watts (15/12/2021)