Women at War Questions

How were women’s lives affected by the war?

Working on the Land

Why was there a need to encourage women to work the land?

What wording is used to convince employers a fair wage was important?

What might the farm competitions tell you about some attitudes to women working the land?

Nursing on the Home Front

How did the St John Ambulance and Red Cross Societies support women’s work?

Why do you think women were being offered nursing classes?

What impression do you get of the hospitals in Hertfordshire?

Why do you think these particular images of the wounded soldiers and their nurses were taken – and who for?

How were the returning wounded soldiers received and supported in Hertfordshire?

Entertaining the troops

How did Mr and Mrs Dearbergh entertain a newly returned group of British Prisoners of War?

Read the newspaper report of Mrs Dearbergh’s event.  What do you think of the  advice that was given to the men by Mr Dearbergh?

What can you tell about Mrs Dearbergh from this photograph?

How do you think the soldiers responded to Mrs Dearbergh?

Why are they so grateful to Mrs Dearbergh?

War and Women’s Politics

How did the Suffrage movement change their work in response to the war?

What did they see as their role?

Why did the National Union of Women’s Suffrage Societies open up two offices in London?

What did the Union consider to be its particular strength in this regard?

How does this viewpoint contrast with conscientious objector, Frederic J Osborn?

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