Food and Farming Questions

What was the impact of food shortages and how was this addressed?

Delays and Riots

Why do you think food prices rose so steeply at the start of the war?

What were the consequences of these increases, and does this surprise you?

How else was patience tested in relation to food buying?

Growing Food at Home

What schemes were implemented to help and encourage people of all ages produce their own food?

Who created these schemes?

Why do you think growing food at home became increasingly important as the war progressed?

Food Laws and Rationing

What restrictions did the Cake & Pastry Order impose?

What effect do you think this had on local bakers?

What do you think of the case of Emma Glasscock?

Which foods were rationed and why do you think this was?

What had to be done in order to register the ration book?

How did rationing work?

What was the punishment for having more than one ration book?

How did schools deal with rationing?

How did some children react to the food shortages and how were they punished?

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