For King and Country Questions

Who was persuaded to go war, and how?

Patriotism & Recruitment

Describe the language used in formal recruitment, such as rallies.

What does this reveal about attitudes and values in Britain at the time?

How do the cartoons featured in local newspapers of the day differ in their use of language?

What are the main emotions that the cartoons play on?

Which approach do you think was more effective and why?

What impression do you get of the Sgt Major Hyde?

How were the general public encouraged to feel about the war and what methods were used to achieve this?

Why do you think Sgt Major Ulph was such a successful recruiting officer?

Conscription and Exemption

Why do you think conscription was introduced in 1916?

Who did the Act apply to and who could apply for exemption?

How would men have applied for exemption?



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