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Published on Saturday 28th August 1880 in the Hertford Mercury and Reformer was an advertisement for the role of Hertfordshire Constabulary Chief Constable:

Candidates for the appointment of Chief Constable, now vacant, are requested to address their applications, in writing (marked “Chief Constable”), to the Justices in Quarter Sessions, under cover to me not later than the 30th September next. Copies only of Testimonials should accompany applications, but the originals should be forthcoming in the event of an applicant being required to attend the Constabulary Committee. The salary will be decided by the Court of Quarter Sessions; but it is anticipated that it will £400 a year, with an additional allowance of £100 for the keep of two horses and the maintenance of a carriage, which the Chief Constable will be required to provide.

The following regulations apply to a Chief Constable; His age, unless he is promoted or transferred from another office in the Police, or under other special circumstances to be approved of by the Secretary of State, must not exceed forty-five years. must be certified by a medical practitioner to in good health and of sound constitution and fitted to perform the duties of the office.

Richard Nicholson, Clerk of the Peace. St. Albans, August 21st, 1880.

It is interesting to note that total annual salary and allowance of £500 is worth approximately £60,544.00 today.

Published in the Belfast Telegraph on Saturday 5th August 1911 was another advertisement for Vacancies For Officers – Hertford County Constabulary:

The Hertford Standing Joint Committee are inviting applications for the vacant office of Chief Constable. Applicants must not be less than thirty nor more than forty-five years of age. The salary is £400 a year, rising by annual increments £25 to a maximum of £600, less 2 ½ per cent, contribution to the pension fund. There is in addition an allowance of £100 per annum for travelling and subsistence. It. is essential that the candidate should have served or be serving as a commissioned officer in his Majesty’s Navy or Army and have had previous police experience or police training. There are other allowances for extra duty, which amount to £162 10s per annum. For further particulars apply to Mr. C.E. Longmore, Clerk of the Peace, Peace Office, Hertford.

It is interesting to note that the maximum total annual salary and allowance of £962/100/00 is worth approximately £102,264.00 today.

According to a circular from the Police Negotiating Board it agreed an annual salary for the Chief Constable of Hertfordshire of £141,915.00 in 2014.

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