Hertfordshire's Last Police Box

James Russell

Hertfordshire's Last Police Box Picture Taken In 1977
Another view of the Police Box c. December 1979
Owen Leaver

Hertfordshire’s Last Police Box was at the junction of Holmshill Lane and the A1 at latitude: 51.672731, longitude: -0.238824.

Box No: S63

District: South Mimms
Subdivision: Barnet
Installed: 13-Jan-36
Removed: 19-Nov-80

Metropolitan Police type designed around 1929 by Gilbert Mackenzie Trench, O.B.E., F.R.I.B.A., F.S.I., Architect and Surveyor to the Metropolitan Police.

This area was originally controlled by the Metropolitan Police but in the Greater London Authority Act 1999 the boundaries of the Metropolitan Police District were redefined to match Greater London. The excised county areas, including Hertfordshire Constabulary were reassigned.

The Mix map above shows a 1970 map and 2019 map overlayed to show the position of the box, which would have been below the 90 degree bend in the stairs.

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  • Hi Owen thank you for your offer. If you would like to post the photo in then same way that you did for your 1921 group photo I will ensure that it is added with the other Police Box photos.

    By Paul Watts (06/02/2021)
  • Recognising the imminent demise of this ‘Dr Who’ police box location, I too managed a photo on a wet and overcast day in December 1979. Sadly not as professionally taken, but hopefully giving a different perspective to this iconic design.

    Herts Past Policing note: if you are happy to furnish me with your email, I can send the photo.

    By Owen Leaver (05/02/2021)