Police Flying Club

A Link to a British Pathe Newsreel

By Melanie Preston


Panshanger Airport, Hertfordshire.

A policeman rides through the countryside on his bike. He arrives at Panshanger Airport, Hertfordshire, as another policeman gets into a boiler suit.

We are told that Hertfordshire Police Force has its own private flying club as we see some of the the men looking at maps prior to taking off.The plane is a Tiger Moth.

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  • John Halsey’s photos of his father at the Police Flying Club are on this site at http://www.hertspastpolicing.org.uk/page_id__309.aspx

    By Hilary K (05/03/2014)
  • My late father, Sgt Frederick Halsey and his mate Ken Green, who had a motor cycle shop in Welwyn Garden City were long time members of The Herts Police Flying Club. They flew all over including trips to the continent. My father was a Sgt with the Photographic Department and a Fingerprint expert. In the Pathe Clip the only one I recognise is the man with the sports car climbing into his flying suit. This was Superintendent Tommy Windsor. I have somewhere in the attic several photos re my fathers flying club years.

    By John Halsey (19/02/2014)