Remember, Remember - No Gunpowder Plot

Hertfordshire Mercury, 24th November 1906

By Brian S

Frederick Scales, of Rye Common, pleaded not guilty to selling fireworks to children under thirteen, and also to keeping a certain quantity of gunpowder on his premises without a licence on November 5th. P.C. Carter, of Rye Common, stated that on the evening named he was on duty outside Mr Scales’ shop and through the window saw Mrs Griggs sell fireworks to a little boy aged 12 and a little girl aged 10. He asked the defendant to show him his licence to sell fireworks and he replied he had not got it there. Mr Gibbons, of Enfield Highway, had it. The Magistrates’ Clerk explained that the licence was taken out by Mr Gibbons, the wholesale dealer. He took out sixty licences, but forgot to take out the defendant’s. He had explained that it was a mistake on his part as Mr Scales had paid him the money to do so. The licence was afterwards taken out. Defendant said the fireworks were only sold to the boy, who was a big boy for his age, and they thought it not necessary to ask how old he was. They did not serve the little girl. Mrs Griggs corroborated. The Bench said that when defendant paid the money for his licence he should have seen that he got it. He had transgressed the law and with reference to that charge he would be fined one shilling. towards costs. For the other offence he would be fined two shillings and sixpence.

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