Herts Police Cadet Training at Pendley Manor, Tring

John Halsey

Front of Pendley Manor 2014
Rear of Pendley Manor 2014
Cadets 1960
Cadets 1961

The Current Pendley Manor at Tring was built between 1872 and 1875 after the original manor was demolished following a fire.

In the 1960’s The Hertfordshire Constabulary used Pendely Manor, Tring, then owned by Dorian Williams for the training the Hertfordshire Police Cadets.

I attended this course in 1960 as one of the Herts Police Cadets.  (Booklet attached.)

I also attended the course again in 1961 when the Herts Police Cadets were joined by 7 City Of London Police Cadets.  (Booklet attached).  This course I remember because while we were at Pendley Uri GAGARIN circled the earth in space on the 12th April 1961, the first man to do so.

We did sports, class work and plenty of drill and ‘bull’ during the courses.  The class subjects were very varied as can be seen by the course syllabus in the booklets.

In 1961 I did manage to come 3rd in the final course examination and was presented with a prize at the end of the course parade by Captain Sir Thomas HALSEY who thought we must be related somewhere along the line.

Since 1989 Pendley Manor has been a hotel and my wife and I stayed there in 2014.  The visit brought back so many memories.

The photo of some cadets taken at the rear of the manor in 1960 includes me on the top step on the left.

The photo of all the 1961 course together with instructors, senior officers, and Captain Sir Thomas Halsey was also taken at the rear of the manor and I am in the third row, on the left, second cadet in.

The article from the local newspaper covering the course in 1961 is attached.  Also the Course Booklets.

I have also added a rear and front view of the Manor taken during my 2014 visit.

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  • Having attended the 175th anniversary event at County Hall on 24.9.2016, I was asked if I could add any names to these pictures.
    1960 group. Front row, left to right, Inspector Oliver, Mick Buttle, Peter Springham, P.c. 456 Cox.
    Second row: Jim Webster and Maurice Clark.
    Third row: Peter Barrett (left), can’t recall the other two.
    Fourth row: left (?) and Bob Keye.
    Fifth row: ?, Terry Hawker and Maurice Neville.
    Back row. ?. I think that’s Brian Overton on the right.

    1961 group: a bit difficult because of the small size of the image.
    Front row, left to right. First five unidentified, Francis Paybody, Chief Constable Col. Wilcox, ?, ?, Assistant Chief Constable Camp, remainder unidentified except Insp. Oliver on extreme right.
    Centre row: 5th is Jim Webster, then Maurice Neville, ?, ?, ?, Clive(?) Grey, ?, Peter Springham, ?, ?, Peter Barrett, ?, ?, P.c. 456 Cox.
    Back row: ?, John Halsey, ?, ?, I think that’s me!, ?, ?, Terry Hawker, ?, ?, ?, Maurice Clark, ?, Dave White, ?, Mick Buttle, ?, ?.
    Rear: ?., Bob Keye, John Truscott(?)

    By John Weeks (26/09/2016)
  • Many thanks John for replying so soon. I’ll pass your info onto the relevant people so this can be added to the entry.
    Sue Stratton

    By Sue Stratton (07/10/2016)
  • Have had a telephone call from AJW Weeks (John) who joined the cadets with me and was on the courses and is in the photographs. He transferred to Bath and Somerset police in 1977 and retired in 1992. We have met at the bowls club where he, his wife and son play bowls at North Petherton near Bridgewater. He was great to see someone I have not had contact with since the 70,s. He lives only 20 odd miles away. Small world.

    By John Halsey (19/11/2015)

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