Hertfordshire Police Cadets 1972

By John Thorogood

Hertfordshire Police Cadets 1972
Hertfordshire Police Cadets 1972
Hertfordshire Police Cadets 1972

Hertfordshire Police Cadets 1972. Taken at County Police Headquarters, Stanborough Road, Welwyn Garden City.

Top photograph :

Back Row : Unknown; Philip Wynes; Terry Pearce; Kevin Lander; Unknown; Steve Kentish; Unknown; Kevin Oliver; Unknown; Clive Gale; Nigel Hirst; Les Hall; Unknown

Middle Row : Lane Gatier; Tim Bonfield; Kevin Brown; Bill Rayner; Unknown; Unknown; Alistair Muir-Howie; Mick Childs; Mick Holt; George Smith; John Thorogood; Brian Wingate; Colin Clare; Andy Nash; Unknown; David Saint; Andy Brasher; George Perkins; John Goodwin; Andy Perrin; Murray Rogers; Paul Watts; Martin Dunford; Unknown; Ian Fraser; Dick Catton; John Thorn; Martin Cooke; Dave Horan; Paul Gibson; Unknown; Unknown

Front Row : Dave Flemons; Unknown; Christine Manning; Mr Brian Waters, PC John White, PS Ian Jenkins, Chief Inspector Bernard Brush, Supt George Cronin; Mr Gordon Chambers; Insp Dick Cox, ‘Staff’ Frank Collantine, Sue Tassell, Lesley Perkins; Brian Cockling.

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  • middle row, 12th in from the right, that be me, Murray Rogers

    By murray rogers (31/10/2016)
  • Thanks for letting us know. I’ve added your name to the entry.

    By Sue Stratton (25/11/2016)
  • Hi David
    Many thanks for all of your help. Dad had a framed copy of this picture. He was very proud of his time in the force across Hertfordshire. I’m so pleased to see the same picture on your site. Well done for all the hard work with the web site. Best wishes, Ed

    By Edward Brush (29/10/2016)
  • I was so pleased to see a photo and article which included a reference to my late father. I would be extremely grateful if you would use his actual name. He was Chief Inspector Bernard Geoffrey Brush and not Basil Brushe as the text indicates. Many thanks. Edward Brush

    By Edward Brush (27/10/2016)
  • Edward – your father’s details amended.

    By David Lewis (27/10/2016)

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